2020-10-26 17:18
Akses Swiss is a pharmaceutical alliance based in Switzerland with our own R&D and GMP certified production in Europe.

We are looking for like-minded companies who are interested in innovations and would find the idea of our feedstock useful for a new wave of their company success.

Briefly about our game- changing products:

AKSOLAGEN membrane (click and see video)– the collagen biological material of marine origin for implantology and tissue engineering, now can be used as a mask in professional or personalized skin care.
This collagen biomaterial corresponds to all current trends:
100% BIO – it is bioactive without additional actives. Free of preservatives, toxic elements, hormones, pigments, heavy metals. Activated by water.

WOW EFFECT – It is 98% similar to human collagen, there is no allergic response.

STRAIGHT-OUT SUSTAINABILITY – this pure collagen biomaterial made from a hydrobiont, which inhabits in the environmentally-friendly area of Pacific Ocean (per UNESCO data).

DEVICE FOR PERSONALIZED CARE - AKSOLAGEN membrane is the 1st double-faced biomaterial that gives you more than 10 visible effects after the 1st use: from hydrating to scar & stretch mark removing. Can be multi-applied.

AKSOCAVIAR (click and see video) - 100% caviar extract, which recommended dosage to the final product is 0,1-0,5% only for ready formulations.

With documented anti-age and anti-pigmentation benefits.
It is naturally rich in Astaxanthin – carotenoid with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, the rarest and most valuable Omega 9,7, 3 & 6, Retinol and Vitamin E.

So many benefits:

Significantly reduces age spot pigmentation and redness
Inhibits melanin production
Significantly improves skin luminescency
Smoothes the microrelief and epidermal wrinkles
Reduces UV-induced microinflammation and prevents the formation of new age spots
Increases epidermal thickness

AKSOLAGEN PLACENTUM - native marine 3D placental marine collagen of V type from deep-water hydrobiont.

Aksolagen Placentum has the preserved supramollecular structure. It's a perfect ingredient for anti-age products thanks to it's healing properties.

So many benefits:

Natural antioxidant

Increases the synthesis of type I, III collagen in the skin

Promotes regeneration

Accelerates the healing process

Anti acne

Prevents stretches and scars

We provide technical support to our partners in the development of formulations, as well as provide ready-made formulations.

To receive samples, TS, SDS and more information about our products, feel free to contact me.

Denis Yakimov

Sales Manager
Akses Swiss RS, LCC
tel: +41 (41) 500-18-02 ext: 102